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来源:中国网 日期 2020-06-03 09:38 点击:



On April 22, 2020, in the Westward Relocation Museum of Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU), General Secretary Xi Jinping encouraged teachers and students that "we must carry on with the westward relocation spirit of the veteran professors. Great historical progress is always made after calamity.It is through hardships and challenges that our nation learned to survive and thrive."


64 years ago, thousands of faculty members and students of Jiaotong University responded to the country's call to migrate from Shanghai to Xi'an. Holding red boarding cards that read "march toward science and develop China's northwest", they boarded on westbound trains. From Huangpu River to Weihe River, they started an unprecedented "westward relocation" of education. A famous higher education institution was built on the wheat fields with their lives and sweat. They have devoted their youth to the construction of the country and the cause of culture and education in northwest China.


Since the relocation, XJTU has cultivated a total of 270000 graduates and more than 30 academicians, with over 30000 important scientific and technological achievements. It has become a leading pacesetter of science and education in western China. The westward relocation spirit, which features a consciousness of the whole, dedication, traditional culture and pioneering work, has been deeply rooted in century-old XJTU, and carried forward in the generations of teachers and students.


As the new descendants of the "westward relocation spirit" in the new era, with a consciousness of the whole and great love in mind, we carry forward the scientific spirit of independent thinking and pursuing the truth. Based on a sense of patriotism and striving, we will devote what we see, hear, think, and do to China's development, change, rejuvenation and take-off.


"We are determined to pursue our careers in the most-needed places of the country." Our love for the country and sense of mission are kept in mind, and applied in the great cause of people making history. In the historical journey of the new era, we will make outstanding contributions to the Chinese nation.


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